Mattress Cleaning

Sleep easy on a nice clean mattress

It’s always nice to know that the
mattress you’re sleeping on is as clean as it is comfortable.

A mattress is a long-term investment, sometimes for up to 10 years. Simply changing your sheets is not enough to ensure for a nice clean and fresh mattress. Did you know that a mattress collects and retains body oils, human sweat, dust mites and dust mite faeces as well as all sorts of dirt?

Not only that, but dust mites are one of the biggest triggers of allergens and asthma attacks within the home.

At Sharps, our trained specialists have the know-how and the right cleaning technology to get rid of all the nasty surprises that can accumulate over the years in your mattress. We can treat bed bugs, dust mites, fungi and bacteria and have your mattress feeling clean and fresh for a good and safe night’s sleep.

Do you want a nice clean & fresh mattress?
Let us help you out!

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